Antigua’s Carlisle Bay Introduces First-Ever Island Bathing Meditation Experience

Move over Forest Bathing – Island Bathing is the latest wellness experience designed to help restore inner peace and reconnect with nature.

Five-star Antigua resort Carlisle Bay is pioneering this breakthrough new offering, which harnesses the power of the ocean, negative ions and the beauty of the Caribbean to help guests reset, recharge and uplift.

Available exclusively at Carlisle Bay, “Island Bathing” is a new meditative wellness experience that connects guests with nature and improves mood. Guests are transported via private boat to a secluded and deserted island, where a wellness master will lead them through guided meditation and breath work surrounded by the calming sound of gently breaking waves, rustling palms and fragrant Caribbean breezes.

The two-hour excursion is available at sunrise or sunset, allowing guests to welcome the day on a peaceful note, or reflect at its conclusion.

An alternative to traditional shinrin-yoku, or Forest Bathing, Island Bathing can be a powerful mood booster. According to studies by Columbia University in New York, pounding surf creates negative ions in the air, which can help enhance mood, stimulate senses and oxygen absorption and even boost resistance to disease.

The Island Bathing experience may be offered as a solo or group activity, and is available upon advance request. Pricing begins at $725 for up to two people.

To book a getaway to Carlisle Bay including and request the Island Bathing experience, call (866) 502 2855 or email

Source: Luxury Travel Magazine

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