Burj Al Arab Terrace


First built sixteen years ago with the aim of putting Dubai at the forefront of the global map, the Burj Al Arab has since firmly held on to the title of being one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Proudly boasting the fact that this hotel has no rooms – suites only, here! – this iconic sail-shaped coastal tower has exceeded even its own standards with the grand opening of its ambitious new terrace.


Since its arrival on a ship from Finland where the majority of building took place in sub-freezing temperatures, before being transported to its new home in eight separate pieces, we have been keenly keeping track of its progress. Now named the Burj Al Arab Terrace, this one-of-a-kind leisure experience reveals the result of eleven months of meticulous construction.


With the heaviest piece weighing more than eight-hundred tonnes, the accuracy of construction was truly put to the test as the final fitting took place with bated breath. Now a landmark of architectural innovation, the outcome of the painstaking engineering process is simply outstanding. Seamlessly stretching one-hundred metres out into the sea, the design was intended to give the impression that guests were stepping into the ocean, a feat achieved with a stunning infinity-edged swimming pool, lined with ten-million azure and gold mosaic tiles, proving that true glamour really lies in the detail.

A favourite feature, is the stunning adornment of thirty-two fully air-conditioned cabanas flanking the thousands of tonnes of white sand, transported in to create a pristine beach. Each one boasts a dedicated butler service, a dining, beverage and bar menu, a spa menu, a fully stocked mini-bar, fresh fruits and an espresso machine, a Bang & Olufsen television and a rotating amenity cycle with four to six varieties per day, while eight Royal Cabanas also feature a private bathroom with a shower. Accommodating up to four people, and exclusive to guests of the hotel, families and couples alike find these an invaluable addition to their holiday, offering yet a further touch of luxury.

Also as part of this leisure venture, the opening of Scape Restaurant and Bar makes a perfect venue from which to soak in the splendour of the Burj Al Arab Terrace. With an alfresco location, offering unparalleled views of the Arabian Gulf, Chef Timur Fazilov serves up a delectable menu of Californian fusion-style dishes, with menu highlights incorporating innovative and exotic ingredients with fresh seafood and citrus flavours.

Reinforcing Dubai as one of the world’s most innovative destinations, the Burj Al Arab Terrace promises to offer visitors the finest experience of Arabian hospitality. General Manager of Burj Al Arab, Anthony McHale, commented that the Terrace is ‘the ultimate destination for indulgence, socialising and relaxing, and is another initiative in our endeavour to delight our guests’. With yet another ‘world first’ on its hands, one can’t wait to see what else lies on the horizon for Burj Al Arab.


Source: Elegant Resorts

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